Apply SOA/BPM Bundle Patch 3 to JDeveloper 12c (

Apply SOA/BPM Bundle Patch 3 to JDeveloper 12c (

by Arda Eralp08 Ocak 2016

Step 1: Download Bundle Patch 3

Go to “Oracle Support” and Search bug number (20900599)

Step 2: Run “Command Prompt (cmd)” as Administrator

Step 3: Set “ORACLE_HOME” and add OPatch directory to “PATH” variable

SET ORACLE_HOME=C:\Dev\Oracle\Middleware12c (Oracle direcotry)
SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\Dev\Oracle\Middleware12c\OPatch (OPatch direcotry)

Step 4: Extract the downloaded patch and browse folder via cmd

cd ……\p20900599_121300_Generic\20900599

Step 5: Run “opatch apply”

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