JDeveloper 12c SAP Adapter Configuration

JDeveloper 12c SAP Adapter Configuration

by Arda Eralp03 Mart 2015

While trying to create SAP Adapter on JDeveloper 12c, configuration error can be appeared.

SAP JCO Library Missing

ERROR:SAP JCO library is not accessible. Please see ‘Oracle SOA Adapter User Guide’ for SAP JCO installation instructions.

ERROR:SAP JCO library is not accessible

ERROR:SAP JCO library is not accessible


Solution is:

Step 1:
Download sapjco3.dll, sapjco3.jar and sapidoc3.jar files

Step 2:
Copy sapjco3.jar and sapidoc3.jar files into JDeveloper SOA plugins folder

($FMW_HOME$\soa\plugins\jdeveloper\integration\adapters\lib) and test with using command prompt (java -jar sapjco3.jar)


Command Prompt


Step 3:
Getting java.library.path error


Getting java.library.path error


Step 4:
Copy sapjco3.dll file into System32 folder and test again


Getting java.library.path


Step 5:
And try to Create! (JDeveloper 12c)


try to Create


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